The mission of BeezSpeaks is to help uplift the community — most importantly, the youth audience — by changing the narrative and sharing knowledge, focusing on entrepreneurship.

As a highly successful entrepreneur with multiple 7-figure businesses, Bjorn “Beez” Hendricks is able to speak on a plethora of topics — ranging from the foundations of entrepreneurship to building generational wealth through financial literacy.

Bjorn “Beez” Hendricks is a successful entrepreneur, best known for his ability to build a consortium of lucrative businesses, by harnessing the power of scaling with process, systems, and people. He is known by many to have coined the designation of “Business Builder”, to replace the often-used “Serial Entrepreneur”, This new label is more powerful, as it relates to implementing a strategic, systematic approach to building strong businesses, which are carefully prepared for funding and scaling — a methodology, which Beez is famous for teaching.

Beez began his “corporate” career as an Information Technology Management & Strategy Consultant. He worked for multiple global Fortune 500 companies such as Accenture and Microsoft, as well as several government agencies, guiding them on key strategies to improve their processes through the removal of waste; and re-engineering them to be more efficient. He helped these companies and agencies to automate through the use of appropriate technology and systems — restructuring them to maximize efficiency, in order to scale with people. Over the last several years, utilizing a proven record of scaling organizations to increased levels of maturity, through process re-engineering and ensuring technology decisions are in line with their strategic goals, Beez made the shift to developing and launching his own companies.

This valuable experience and knowledge from his career was used to launch and scale multiple 7+ figure businesses. Beez now mentors hundreds of students, teaching the key principles of his “Business Builder Methodology”, through The Business Builders Institute (BBI). The BBI mentorship, which presently consists of the “Business Builders Round Table” and the “Business Builders Academy”, focuses on teaching others financial literacy and how to strengthen their access to capital. Through the systems and formula Beez has refined, mentees and students have been able to launch multiple 6 figure and higher businesses.

To enhance the growth of his own companies and increase his first-hand knowledge, Beez has expanded his operations into many different business niches, which resulted in him earning the title of “Business Builder Beez.” He has multiple service-based companies including:

He has a STRONG foundation that is currently being utilized in his entrepreneurial endeavors to create sustainable and scalable businesses.

Starting from truly humble beginnings, Beez was born in Jamaica and grew up in New York. In addition to his professional accomplishments, he attended the University of Central Florida, graduating with a degree in Management Information Systems and Computer Science, with a minor in Micro-molecular Biology. He holds several certifications including Lean IT Expert, CISSP (Certified Information Security Systems Professional), ITIL Expert, PRINCE 2, Lean Six Sigma, and more. Beez enjoys traveling the globe and is fluent in three languages including English, Spanish, and Mandarin.

He is a family man and father to four children, which includes a set of twins.

For Beez, family means everything and his children are his motivating force. He is also passionate about giving back to his community, by providing education and financial literacy — with a focus on building generational wealth. This passion has led him to create HIVE, which is a social coalition of fellow leaders who work together to improve their communities. He has also co-founded a non-profit called The BAG, Inc (Building Assets Generationally), which focuses on helping youth in underserved communities nationwide.

Beez is now focusing heavily on creating impact for young adults, by showing them the power of entrepreneurship — and guiding them on how to master the crossroads of young adulthood. Having started from humble beginnings to now experiencing huge successes, Beez finds it natural to connect with young adults on all levels — from vastly different backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses. His mission is to help the youth gain full knowledge and understanding of financial literacy — so the next generations can experience TRUE freedom.


Empower the community with our stories and expertise to build stronger and better lives, especially for the children. Our collective efforts will surely bring much impact. It can be a loud voice call and invite more people to join this movement.

We, entrepreneurs, must continue to network, connect, and build together. Let’s uplift our community and each other.

Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey, but it doesn’t have to be. Join the global entrepreneurship community and build a supportive network of mentors, peers, and collaborators. Our events are designed for entrepreneurs to learn from each other’s successes and failures so they can grow faster, together.


Aside from being an advocate and mentor of scaling businesses in Financial Literacy, Process, Sytems & People, I am a loving husband and an incredible father.

A father of four–two good-looking boys (Damani and Dominic) and an identical angelic twin (Kai and Katya). I loved them so much that I named my business enterprises after them. I have Domani Digital (Damani), a digital marketing solutions provider. I rent exotic and luxurious cars in Dominicus Motors (Dominic). I provide highly skilled virtual assistants through Aytak Solutions (Katya spelled backward). I am proud to give you a one-stop supply-chain for private label sellers in SellerKai (Kai).

Speaking and mentoring great leaders or CEOs of their fields is a tremendous honor. But our legacy is in our children, the next generation after us. Teaching them the secrets in life I know is equally important as providing for their needs. It is the literacy that will give them an edge in time.

High-level topics that you might want to:

  • The 3 financial vehicles for creating wealth…..Building Businesses, Real Estate, and the Financial Markets.
  • The POWER of Time Wealth, which equates to FREEDOM
  • The Foundation of funding your wealth creation through CREDIT (Personal and Business)
  • How to turn Assets into Liabilities
  • The 4 Pillars of Success: Networking, Leaving Some People Behind, Buying Seats at Tables, Building Your Own Table
  • How to Build a Consortium of Companies
  • Building Businesses with Existing Demand (See a Need, Fill a Need)
  • Creating a Strong Team & Building Company Culture
  • The Importance of Data and Metrics
  • Don’t Try to Become the Expert in Everything — Hire the Experts
  • Collaboration Over Competition (No More Crabs in a Barrel Mentality)
  • Importance of Execution (Opportunity + Preparation + Speed = Success)


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